My name is Ola, I’m 42 years old.

Until November 2020, my life was very colourful . Having my husband Grzegorz, wonderful children Klaudia and Igor, and also a good job.

However everything what appears to be stable may disappear once any disease comes to your life.

When I heard my diagnosis- lymphoblastic leukemia my world lost all its colours.

So please help me get back to my previous life and register as a potential bone marrow donor !

How did all my story start?

Unfortunately, falling ill with Covid 19 and then prolonged diagnostics exhausted colours of my life. After the fight with the system, criss-crossing between hospitals and countless tests I have received correct diagnosis on February 3, 2021. Philadelphia gene associated with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The presence of this chromosome in acute lymphoblastic leukemia unfortunately means a worse prognosis for the future.

My world drastically stopped and became a single colour – black.

My family and friends are giving me the strength to fight this disease.

I really would like all those colours to come back to my life.

I want to enjoy every day, every activity, hug my loved ones and completely forget about my illness.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances at the beginning and considerable delay in diagnosis my time is very short.  Obviously also time is against me because of leukemia is progressing.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, but it may turn out that my only chance for recovery will be a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor.

Perhaps that’s may be from you !

Please register as a potential bone marrow donor!

Please give Ola and others a chance to regain the colours of they’s life.

Thanks for translate Justyna Musiał

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